A Shadow in Your Memory

by Angel Ocana

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lo-fi/cassette tape music
two bonus tracks included
1. the park
2. closer


released 15 July 2014

Mix by Angel Ocana
All music and lyrics © Angel Ocana 2014



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Cantaloupe Sky
And I lay before the cantaloupe sky
With you singing a lullaby
And I would love to see
Everything you are and meant to be

Cause I am not what it seems
And you are nothing of what you say
Strangers under cantaloupe skies
Together without a reason why

And I called out your name
And there's no response of any kind
And your smell is still on my winter coat
Walking along this empty road
Track Name: Autumn Letters
And the falling leaves
Dance their way to the ground
And the gypsy girl
Raised her hands to the sky and she smiled
Then she took my hand
And placed on her heart for awhile.
She made me smile
Made me smile

And how long must we wait
And how long will it take

And I'm walking up
To her apartment where she lays
On her red love seat
To find her there fast asleep
And I quietly place a kiss on her cheek.

How long will we wait
And how long will it take
How long must we wait
And how long must I wait for you to awake
Track Name: In Your Mess
Here in your room
Everything feels so out of place
As if I never knew you
I'm a stranger in your space

So please let me know
Why you've called me here
Cause part of me still wants to kill you
And the other half
Wants to love you.
Track Name: Last Day of Snow
And why did you call
If there was nothing to say
And why did you leave
It's better off this way
And I saw you leave from the apartment window
And I cried myself to sleep
To hear your voice in my dreams

And I don't know why I feel the way I do
Cause everyday is the same fucking bullshit
I don't care

And my heart gets weaker each day
And the hard times don't seem to fade
And I tried so hard to keep you off my mind
Cause now that you're gone
The days seem a little bit colder